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Coastal Ga. Walk to Emmaus

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Welcome to Coastal Georgia Walk to Emmaus Community

The Walk to Emmaus

  A four day long retreat for adults age 25+. The weekend consists of a short course in Christianity, comprised of fifteen talks by lay and clergy on the themes of God's grace, disciplines of Christian discipleship, and what it means to be the church. The course is wrapped in prayer and meditation, special times of worship, and daily celebration of Holy Communion.      
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Chrysalis Flights and Journeys

  "Chrysalis" is the name chosen for the youth and young adult version of The Walk to Emmaus because it symbolizes the spiritual growth that is essential between adolescence and adulthood. Chrysalis "Flights" are for 10th through 12th graders and "Journeys" are for young adults aged 19-24 .
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Send Off at Ebenezer!!!

Thursday October 1, 6:30pm
Candlelight: Saturday October 3, 8:00 pm.
Closing: SundayOctober 4, 4:00 pm.

Thursday October 8, 6:30pm
Candlelight: Saturday October 10, 8:00 pm.
Closing: SundayOctober 11, 4:00 pm.


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Dear Community,

Often we are challenged when trying to explain the Walk to Emmaus to our friends and family.
This article will be an excellent tool for you to share with prospective pilgrims.
It was written by someone in our community who went on Walk #3, and explains it in a very real way.
You will be blessed when you read it, too.   Emmaus Article >>

Other Communities Having Walks and Flights

  Please Pray for Them,>>

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